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Professional Organisation
CPD Requirements
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Legal Profession
Bar Standards Board (BSB)
In the first three of practice newly qualified practitioners must complete 45 hours of CPD including at least 9 hours Advocacy training and 3 hours Ethics. All hours must be accredited by the bar standards board providers

After the first 3 years of practice, barristers must undertake 12 hours of CPD each year, where 4 must have been accredited

Members required are to keep a record of their attendance at CPD courses. CPD records must be sent to the Education, Training and Records Department by January of the year following date of commencement, and every year thereafter.

Annual reporting is required by all of its members. Random samples of these are monitored and audited.
If the required CPD has not been completed, a referral is made to the professional conduct and complaints committee for breach of the code of conduct.

Solicitors Regulation Authority
All solicitors and registered European lawyers (RELs) who work 32 hours or more per week must complete a minimum of 16 hours of CPD per year.

Newly qualified solicitors and RELs must complete 1 hour of CPD training for every complete month from their date of admission up to the following 31 October.

At least 25% (4 hours) must consist of participation in accredited training courses. The remaining 75% may be met by participating in accredited courses or other activities

Annual reporting is required by all of its members. Random samples of these are monitored and audited.

All solicitors and registered European lawyers are required to undertake CPD.
Persistent non-compliance with CPD may result in delays issuing a certificate and / or disciplinary procedures

Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA)
All Fellows of CIPA who are currently practising are required to carry out a minimum of 16 hours of Continuing Professional Development each calendar year.

Patent Attorney Litigators are required to carry out a minimum of 6 hours CPD relevant to litigation, which can be included in the 16 hours total CPD.

Fellows are required to make a return, at the end of the year, certifying that they have met the CPD requirements. A small random sample will be required to provide more detailed information to substantiate their declaration.

Non-compliance, which is not satisfactorily addressed through timely consultation with the Secretary and the CPD Sub-Committee, is likely to be referred to a Disciplinary Board in accordance with the Institute’s Regulatory and Disciplinary Procedures.

Council for Licenced Conveyancers (CLC)
Managers must complete 12 hours CPD.

Employed Licence Holders must complete 6 hours CPD.

Probate Practitioners must complete additional CPD:
Managers – 4 additional hours
Licence Holders – 2 additional hours

The CPD year runs 1st November – 31st October

A Licence Holder is required to provide a written undertaking on the renewal application form to retain their own CPD record with supporting documentation for the CPD year which will be checked on inspections and must be sent on demand to the CLC.

Failure to support your CPD undertaking may result in referral to the Investigating Committee.

Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx)
CPD is compulsory for all Fellows, Legal Accounts members, Graduate Members, Associate members and Associate Prosecutor members.

Fellows and Associate Prosecutors are required to complete a minimum of 16 hours CPD, Graduate members are required to complete a minimum of 12 hours CPD and Associate members are required to complete a minimum of 8 hours CPD.

Members are required to undertake a minimum of half of their CPD hours training in their chosen specialist area.

The CPD year runs from 1 January – 31 December.
Members are required to record their CPD through an online recording system.

Chartered Legal Executives and Associate Prosecutors will not receive a Practising Certificate for 2014 if they have not met their 2013 CPD requirements, even where they have paid their subscriptions.

Failure to comply with the CPD requirements is a breach of IPS Regulations. It constitutes misconduct, and will be referred to IPS for investigation in relation to the conduct of the member. It may result in a referral to the Professional Conduct Panel which may reprimand or warn members. The Panel may also refer cases to the Disciplinary Tribunal which has additional powers, including the power to exclude members from membership of CILEx.