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About Us

The Professional Development Consortium supports all those involved with Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We want to make CPD better, easier and more affordable.

Our activities centre on:

  • Research – into all areas of CPD and professional development
  • Accreditation – through the CPD Standards Office
  • Advice – to individuals, employers, professional bodies and CPD providers

Our research arm is exploring how CPD can:

  • Be delivered to a high standard by trainers, coaches and other providers
  • Include effective activites which combine traditional and modern forms of learning
  • Become a positive and valuable experience for individual professionals
  • Generate benefits to businesses, organisations and other stakeholders
  • Work effectively within CPD schemes adminstrated by institutes and membership organisations

We provide advice to individuals and organisations involved in CPD through:

Through our research, we have worked and consulted with: 

  • Association of Project Management
  • Aviva
  • British Parking Association
  • British Psychological Society – Department of Occupational Psychology
  • CPD Institute
  • Engineering Council
  • Financial Skills Partnership
  • Global PA Network – A membership organisation representing over 5000 PAs and Secretaries
  • Kingston University Business School
  • Memberwise – A network of over 1,250 professional associations and membership bodies
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Royal Statistical Society
  • Science Council
  • The Professionalism Group – A group which helps individuals and organisations to develop professionalism

CPD Stakeholders:

We build bridges between stakeholders to increase the benefits of CPD to individuals and employers. In particular, we encourage the spread of good practice and the sharing of support.

The research team is led by:

Amanda Rosewarne, a Visiting Fellow at Kingston University Business School. Amanda has an MSc in Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck College, London University, and since 2010 has led the CPD Research Project, based at Kingston University. She has advised over 100 organisations on providing CPD activities and schemes, and develops and delivers management and skills training courses.